Frequently asked questions

The following is a short  list of questions we get asked by our members. We hope it's helps your enjoyment of the app or in deciding to joining the club.

If there is any query still unanswered, please do call or email us and we will try and give you an answer straight away. As a new business, we are striving to improve all the time and listen to what would make things easier or better for you in our relationship, so please do share.


What type of company is Sanctifly?
We are a Public Limited Company, registered in Ireland. We operate as an international members club providing our members with access to hotel and specialist leisure and fitness facilities internationally.

Can anyone become a member?
Membership is available to employees of affiliated companies and members of affiliated clubs and organisations. If you would like to propose your company or associations for affiliation (there is no cost), please email with the basic details.

Exactly how does it work?
For the best illustration, please watch the video on the website here.

What information does Sanctifly have on each member?
For each member we know their name, address and full contact details. We also have them linked to their corporate sponsor (e.g. employer). Members should expect that they will need to provide the hotel with proof of ID and (if required) complete an additional waiver health check form with on arrival.

Do members agree to a terms of membership?
Yes. This is available on our website at . Terms include fair useage and physical ability, limitation of liability.

What about insurance?
We have Public Liability Insurance for all our members ($18 million) to use our Location Partner facilities. This is not an indemnity, but it does mean we are covered  in the event of a claim for personal injury damages by one of our members whilst at partner facilities. Members cannot claim from either of us loss of earning or any disruption in the fulfillment or failure to fulfil of our offer. Full details available in our partner agreement available at

How many partner locations does Sanctifly have at each airport?
We try and have a choice of three locations at each airport; ranging in type from a spa, to a workout gym to a location really close (to the airport) which might have a basic fitness room.  

Are my details shared with the location partner?
Only your name is shared as part of securing your booking. We do give each location partner the option to send a maximum of two additional offers/promotions to members, always through Sanctifly, if you accept any of these offers you maybe required to register or share contact details with the hotel directly.

How does it work?
Basic membership grants you access to the partner locations and your insurance for a year. Currently, for each visit you will need to purchase a pass. US $  and Euro €  are given 1:1  value at all locations.  Passes range in value from $15, $20, $30. Until June 30th 2017, all passes are standardized at €/$20 each, giving great value access to our premium locations.

How do I buy passes/access?
All memberships are preloaded with at least one pass. You can purchase additional passes by logging in to the App. Click on the menu and then select Buy More Passes.

Can I cancel my membership?
Please refer to the membership terms for details on cancellation.

Can I upgrade membership at anytime?
Yes. You can upgrade membership from any level to another at anytime. Currently, this is not automated,  please send an email to  with the upgrade you would like to purchase and we’ll action for you. For details on membership option go to

Can I cancel an issued pass/booking?
Passes can be canceled and credit back to your account if requested at least 24 hours before the scheduled use.