Sanctifly works with global companies that want to improve the travel habits of their top talent to make them happier and healthier.

We are the single solution for all employees or customers to travel better, improve travel habits for better all-round wellness. We’re at over 90 international airports with nearly 500 locations including all the major hotel brands and airport spas, granting walk in access to members without booking a room.

Our thousands of global members enjoy a:

  • Refreshing shower at the airport when they arrive off a 7am flight

  • Stretching dip and sauna during a flight layover

  • Workout before a late night flight home

  • 15 minute back and neck rub close to your departure gate

  • Jet lag plans

  • Exercise and relax videos

  • Custom Airport wellness hints, tips and hacks for every major international airport.

Email us today to request our corporate brochure with full details of our offering, price and locations. All corporate plans include:

  • SAAS model starting at only $0.99 per employee per month

  • Member (employee) activation, deactivation and change control

  • Usage and activity reports

  • Option to buy and distribute additional passes centrally at a discounted rate

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Travel well!



"It's not just about a place to workout, it's about finding a sanctuary away from the din and chaos of the terminal "

Karl Llewellyn, Founder

Current Locations... growing every month.

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“People constantly traveling likely suffer from negative health consequences of travel – eating poorly with high-fat, low-fiber, high-calorie meals, lack of sleep, too much sitting, higher alcohol consumption...”

Scott McCartney,
Wall St Journal

We have custom enterprise membership packages that will match your requirement and budget. Contact us today to get a complete proposal including a free trial.