Improve employee well-being and productivity with Sanctifly.


Sanctifly is a simple solution to a half a billion-passenger problem that every employer and business traveler is waking up to:

How to make extended and regular travel better for you?

Jet lag, working two times zones, airport & plane food, muscle aches, prolonged sitting pains, airport stress, chronic fatigue, lack of exercise options, delays, long layovers and noise pollution are just some of the negative impacts that continued travel have on us and are the contributory factors to greater travel avoidance and employee attrition.

Sanctifly is on a mission to change the way professionals travel.

We do this by helping frequent travelers to break bad travel habits and travel healthier through the better use of their downtime. Sanctifly simply aggregates all the good things you can do at an airport (& in a 5-mile radius) and presents them to users in a simple and easy to access app. Our secret sauce is access to hundreds of hotel gym, pool and spas without booking a room.

Why should you care about healthy employees? Because healthy employees work harder.

Employees that feel their health and wellness are recognized


Don’t compromise on your employees wellness.

Recognition makes an impact. Companies that effectively recognize their employees see

higher-productivity (1).png


What do you get with Sanctifly?

At 130+ international airports you get access to:

  • 100s of luxury hotel gym, pool and spa facilities without booking a room

  • 250 airport executive lounges with showers

  • 1000s specialist gym and pool outlets

  • Airport spa and massage outlets

  • Exclusive guide to every airports’ wellness options

  • Jet lag solution (from Timeshifter)

  • Exclusive wellness and travel content

  • Bring up to 1 friend (additional pass required)

  • Purchase extra passes for only $25 each

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Not sure if Sanctifly is for you?

We have custom enterprise packages that will match your requirements and budget. Request a call back from our team to find out how Sanctifly can work for your organisation.