Gym, pool & spa near O'Hare


The Hilton at O'Hare could not be closer to the airport and a visit to the hotel gym, pool or spa could not be easier for Sanctifly members. All three domestic terminals are linked to the hotel via underground walkways while the international terminal is linked via the Blue-line to downtown Chicago. An ideal environment in which to workout or relax before or after a flight.

Amenities & services at Hilton O’Hare

The Fitness Room at the hotel is spacious, clean and well-equipped. There are also several other services available for business travelers. Ask at reception for rates.

  • Fitness room

  • Free weights

  • Weight machines

  • Swimming pool

  • Sauna  

  • Steam room

  • Locker room / showers

  • Luggage storage

  • Automated Teller (ATM)

  • Foreign Currency Exchange

  • Meeting rooms / Business Center

  • Complimentary lobby WiFi

Hilton Chicago O'Hare Airport

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