Sanctifly is partnering with Planet Fitness gyms!

Sanctifly members can now get a Black Card membership to Planet Fitness for just one Sanctifly pass! Get unlimited access to all Planet Fitness locations for 30 days plus lots of other wellness benefits with no 12 month commitment.

Traveling in the US? Want a bigger and better gym than what is available at your hotel? Sanctifly has the perfect solution for you. Get an all access pass to all Planet Fitness locations for just one Sanctifly pass. That is exclusive access to 1800+ locations all over the US for 30 days.

No commitment. No further purchase necessary. Want another 30 days access? Simply use another Sanctifly pass the next time you are traveling.


What do you get as a Black Card member? For 30 days you get…

  • Unlimited use of a Planet Fitness club near your home so you can still use this amazing offer even when you are not traveling.

  • Frequent traveler? Every Planet Fitness location that is located within 5 miles of an airport will be featured on the Sanctify app. Once you become a member you can access any of the Planet Fitness locations worldwide.

  • Traveling with a friend? Make them your workout buddy! Black Card members can bring a guest with them to the gym.

  • Get access to massage chairs, HyrdroMassage beds and lots more wellness options at the Black Card Spa*

*Black Card Spa facilities vary at each location. Please visit and search for your preferred club to view facilities available.


Where can you use my Black Card membership?

Planet Fitness have over 1800 locations across North and Central America. With that many options there is no excuse for missing your workout next time you travel. Go to and search for your preferred location.

How does it work?

Planet Fitness is live at every airport in the US in the Sanctifly app. Choose your preferred airport, find Planet Fitness under the ‘Fitness’ or ‘Gym’ tab and get your Black Card Membership.

It’s simple.

planet-fitness-instructions-email (2).png
planet-fitness-instructions-email (1).png

All you need is one Sanctifly pass to get this amazing offer! Simply log onto the Sanctifly app, choose your airport and find the Planet Fitness under the ‘GYM / WORKOUT’ option. Use your Sanctifly pass to get your 30 day Black Card membership and our team will be in touch with a code and instructions on how to activate your Black Card membership. It’s that simple!

If Planet Fitness is not available on the Sanctifly app at your preferred airport location don’t worry, you can still get this fantastic offer! Email us at and we will help you get your membership.


What are you waiting for? Get your Black Card Planet Fitness membership today.