What to do on your Boston Layover

1 hour to kill | 2 hours to fill | 4 to enjoy

Suggestions for a Boston (Logan0 layover


Massage candles


Long-haul flights and lazy layovers can stiffen the limbs. Be Relax offer an impressive array of services to ease your body of the stresses of air travel. Enjoy a calming hot stone massage, a reflexology foot massage or a great chair massage before your flight. Ask to be led to their private rooms for a full table session. Facial treatments, soothing nail services and waxing are also available. Check out their juices and range of accessories designed to make travel more comfortable. At four locations (Terminal C Gate 22, Terminal A Gate 7, Terminal B Gate B30 & Terminal B Connector Gate 24). Prices depend on duration and type of service. Therein lies the rub.


Sometimes a shine on your shoe is enough to give you a spring in your step. If you don’t have a whole lot of time to kill at the airport but you want to sharpen up for the meeting why not hop up in a high seat for ten minutes and get your footwear polished. Classic Shoeshine have a chair in Terminal A (Gates 1-12) and two in Terminal C (Gates 11-21 and 25-36). The cost is $9 for boots, $7 for shoes. A great way to give your professional image a boost.


GoGo Stop offer healthy fresh foods and snacks. They have a reasonable variety of vegan-friendly choices, as well as Kosher and Gluten-free options. Items for sale include cereals & yogurts, sandwiches & salads, cold drinks and raw snacks. The kiosk is located post-security near gate C33 and is open from 6am until 30 minutes before last flight. A guilt-free grab-and-go nibble.

 2-3 HOURS

Waterfront Park


By all accounts Piers Park is a bit of a hidden gem in Boston. Only a 5 minute taxi from Logan airport it is a perfect place for a walk or jog in the open air. If you want to see a great view of the city skyline without all the loud noise and hustle and bustle of tourists this is the place for you. The park is beautifully maintained, clean, and peaceful. It has lush greenery, benches, green spaces, and a cute gazebo-like monument if you want to relax in the shade. Expect to see couples and families just sitting on the pier, having a picnic, or taking a stroll - but don’t expect to see any dogs (at least the place is nice and clean!) Urban calm a stone’s throw from the runway.


Belle Isle Marsh Reservation is a wide-open natural space accessible from the airport in 10 minutes via taxi. This saltwater marsh is nothing spectacular but visited straight from the terminal it will seem both beautiful and serene. So near the city yet if not for the steady stream of aircraft descending into Logan you might feel like you were way out in the countryside. A tall watchtower on the north side provides great views of the hazy skyline of Boston and the Winthrop peninsula. And if you have the time consider renting a kayak from a friendly family business in the Belle Isle Boatyard. Happy paddling.  



SWEETGREEN is only a ten minute walk up Congress Street from Sanctifly partner The Seaport Hotel. The first store opened in D.C. ten years ago and today there are over 60 stores spread across the US. They really pride themselves in working with farmers who are doing the right thing. So much so, in fact, that they list their suppliers on the wall. Whole vegetables, whole fruits, and whole grains are delivered to their locations every morning where their team dices, slices, spices and roasts in-house. Choose from a range of signature and seasonal salads or customize your own bowl of sweet green goodness. Your body will thank you for it.


Cocobeet is about a ten minute walk from Sanctifly partner The Langham Hotel in the financial district. If you want to pick up an excellent fresh juice after a workout you couldn’t do much better. Their menu is completely organic, and includes gluten-free, raw, and nut-free food options. They do not use refined sugar in any of their products, only very small amounts of maple syrup or agave in anything requiring a sweetener. The concept is all about Plant Packed Living: an ethos of eating the world’s best ingredients to gain and maintain top energy and fully power your body’s systems. A community oasis of high nutritional power.


Aquarium Boston


There is something profoundly calming about viewing marine animals. Anyone in love with scuba diving will tell you about the tremendous sense of peace to be found underwater. The New England Aquarium has thousands of species to see, everything from Southern Rockhopper Penguins to the Giant Pacific Octopus. The average visitor spends 2 hours walking around the various exhibits and galleries. If time is not an issue you might consider hopping on board a Boston Harbour Cruise for a Whale Watch, but do allow 3 to 4 hours as sometimes those massive mammals are surprisingly hard to find. One of Boston’s top attractions.

Fenway Park


Major League Baseball’s oldest stadium is the home of the Boston Red Sox. If you have a whole day to kill perhaps you can catch a game, but chances are you will only have time for a tour. Fenway Park is as iconic to Boston as the Empire State Building is to NYC. A cab will get you there from the airport in 20 minutes to where they have several different tours for those either on a budget or with time constraints. The most popular is the 1 hour guided tour of the park which includes some great stories from Fenway’s colorful history. Take the one about the Curse of the Bambino. In 1903, the Red Sox won the very first World Series. They won again in 1912, 1915, 1916 and 1918. Then they sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees and had to wait a further 84 years for their next title. Bambino's curse. Hear about this and more on the tour. Great option for sport fans.


North End


Boston's oldest neighbourhood is known for its wonderful restaurants and historic sites. This one square mile waterfront community is great for shopping, eating and engaging with Bostonian history. A walk around the narrow streets allows you to take in the architecture and inhale the aromas of delicious food. On the tourist trail you could visit Paul Revere's house and the Old North Church. There is also a great comedy club in the area if you have the time. The Improv Asylum on Hanover Street specializes in improv comedy so what you can expect is wall-to-wall hit-and-miss madness all aimed at your belly. North End is a popular place to spend an afternoon so keep in mind it can be busy at times. Take a 15 minute cab from the airport through the tunnel and you will be right in the heart of the city’s Little Italy in all its cobblestone charm.


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