TAKE10: Travel Wellness Video Series

Everything you need to make the most of your travel downtime. This series contains workout routines to keep you fit and energized, stretching and yoga routines to help prepare your body for a long flight and guided meditations to help reduce travel stress.

For when you don’t have time to go to the gym or visit the spa these ten minute videos will help you to create and maintain your healthy habits while traveling.

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10 minute no equipment workout routine

Little to no space needed, modify by going at your own pace, pausing when needed, and using forearms or knees down in planks as your body requires. Challenge yourself with this full body fitness workout that incorporates arms, core, legs, cardio and finishes with a stretch.


5 Min Stretch at the Gate While You Wait

A quick and easy 5 minute stretch perfect for making the most of time spent waiting at your gate. Help prepare your body for the flight ahead with this stretch routine.


Yoga stretch to prep for a long flight

Long flights can be hard on your body. Find a quiet corner in the airport and follow this short routine to stretch your entire body and prepare ahead of a long haul flight.


Yoga stretch to help you sleep on the plane

Over night flights are a popular choice, especially for business travelers. While waiting for your flight take ten minutes to follow this yoga routine to help relax your body and sleep on the plane.


Yoga to wake up and energize after your flight

Wellness is not just for before your flight. Take ten minutes after your flight to help your body recover and energize for the day ahead.


Yoga stretch to do on the plane

Travel has a lot of downtime and not just at the airport. You can work on building healthy travel habits even while you are flying. Follow this 7 minute yoga stretch to do in your seat on the plane.


Breathing exercise to overcome travel stress

This quick and easy breathing exercise will calm you down during those stressful travel moments. Whether you're delayed at the gate, have a cancelled flight, late for a meeting or just stuck the middle seat take 5 minutes to relax.


Guided meditation for frequent travelers

With so many hours at the airport sitting and waiting, use this Guided Meditation to calm, center, ground and reconnect anywhere you can find a semi-quiet space to sit and breathe.


Guided meditation for when your land

After a long and stressful flight our minds can be as stiff and cloudy as our bodies. Take a few minutes to find a quiet spot, breath deeply and refocus your mind before even leaving the airport.


Guided Meditation for before or during your flight

Airports can be busy and stressful places. This guided meditation will help you stay came and focus your mind and is perfect for before or during a flight.