Frequent travelling can now be a healthier way of life. Activate your £80.00 travel wellness gift

12 months free subscription to Sanctifly

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Sanctifly is here to help change your travel routines to improve your wellness, wherever you are.

  • Simply complete our basic registration

  • Enter your unique membership number (given to you by Vodafone) when prompted

  • Download the app and enjoy every time you fly

As a valued customer, Vodafone are delighted to offer you 12 Months Membership, granting you access to all:

  • 3/4/5 Star Partner Hotels & Spas at over 90 international airports

  • Airport Spa and Massage Outlets

  • Over 100 Airport Executive Lounges

  • Over 500 specialist Gym and Pool Outlets

  • Exclusive guide and tips to every airports’ wellness options

  • Jet lag solution (from Timeshifter)

  • Exclusive travel in flight and at airport exercise & stretch videos

  • Even bring up to 1 friend ( additional pass required)*

Your unique gift from Vodafone is our Blue Membership ( Value $99/£80). There is no future purchase or credit card required.  Perfect for everyone who wants to improve the way they travel and kick some bad habits! Watch a quick one minute video on how it works

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Offer terms and conditions

  1. 12 month term

  2. Normal cost $99/£80 per/year. Blue Membership

  3. *One pre-loaded pass Location pass. Cost per pass thereafter - $25/ £19

  4. Unlimited video and airport tips content access.

  5. Each membership code is unique and only valid once. Offer is non-transferable. Members mobile phone and activated code will be shared with Vodafone for verification. Any incorrect use will result in immediate cancellation of membership.

  6. No alternative cash value offered

  7. Sanctifly Membership must be activated within 7 days of receipt of SMS.

  8.  Membership is subject to Sanctifly standard terms of membership.

  9. Any questions or quires can be directed to  Please reference ‘Vodafone offer’ in the  email subject line.