Sanctifly is the global provider of wellness options & activities at airports.

The app that aggregates all the healthy alternatives when traveling, including exclusive access to airport hotel gym, pool and spa facilities without having to book a room. Everything the frequent traveler needs to travel well.

Let’s change how we travel.


at 130 international airports you get access to:

  • 100s of luxury hotel gym, pool and spa facilities without booking a room

  • 250 airport executive lounges with showers

  • 1000s specialist gym and pool locations within 5 miles of the airport

  • Airport specific travel wellness tips and hacks

  • Personal travel wellness agent

  • Exclusive fitness, stretch and meditation content to help relieve travel stress

  • Jet lag solution from Timeshifter

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Why wellness?

Travel induced stress can severely impact employee well-being. Poor eating habits, jet lag and lack of exercise are just some of the factors facing business travelers today.

Don’t compromise on health and wellness.

Sanctifly was made for the business traveler, to provide the best healthy alternatives in and around airports. For less than $25.00 per employee a year, your team can change the way they travel and improve their work travel wellness.

Find out more about why corporate wellness is so important for the corporate traveler here.


Reward your team with Sanctifly today.

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Your personal travel wellness agent.

Meet Sanctifly’s travel wellness expert. Sara Quiriconi is here to help you maintain your healthy routine when traveling.



Our Mission

We believe that health and wellness should be part of everyone’s work/life balance and should never be compromised by frequent corporate travelling. Sanctifly is changing the way we see and use or travel downtime.


Travel well

Access to luxury lounges, gyms, pool & spa facilities. Instant access to airport tips, travel exercise and stretch videos along with jet lag plans to help improve anyone’s travel wellness.


Where can I use it?

We have over 1000 locations at 130+ international airports, with every option located in the terminal or within 5 miles of the airport.