A global solution to travel wellness at airports. An app that aggregates all the options that are good for you when travelling, including access to airport hotel gym, pool and spa facilities without having to book a room.



When can I use it?

Before, after or between flights. Ideal for flight delays, cancellations or late-night takeoffs. Burn off a 2-4 hour wait the healthy way.


Our Mission

To change the way business travelers use their airport downtime.



KEEP FIT WHILE YOU FLY - travel well

Download the Sanctifly App for free to gain instant access to our global list of wellness partners at airports including hotel gyms, pools and spas without having to book a room.

Not a member? No worries. You can pay per use. The App also gives you access to tips, free stuff, community suggestions, and healthy travel options at airports.


"Sanctifly gives employers a simple but effective way to help their regular flyers maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle"

Jim Kirwan, Author & CEO of Get America Moving