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Sanctifly membership gives you a growing number of fantastic wellness options when travelling as well as practical tips and advice that is invaluable when time (and the quality of it) is becoming increasingly important to me and my family.

Ben Geoghegan - Global Inside Sales - Microsoft


As a professional MC at over 100 tech events a year, travel is not a choice but a necessity. But so is personal health and wellness making Sanctifly the perfect solution to traveling well. I've benefited from access to incredible gyms, pools and spas, lounge suggestions for doing work/resting on-the-go, as well as novel airport-specific wellness tips and options shared in the blogs.

Daniel Ramamoorthy - Global MC & Speaker | Startup Coach


"Sanctifly's vision for a better, healthier business traveller is a welcome solution for a very real challenge faced by corporates today"

David Galvin - VP, Business Development & strategic alliances – US Markets Mastercard


Travelling to the West Coast of the states a number of times a year, I always connect through either Newark or Chicago. On top of having access to the Gyms and Pools on the App, Sanctifly can be a Mental Life Saver for those days at the airport when the weather turns for the worst and those Red DELAYED buttons start flashing on the Flight Information Boards. Peace of mind is in your pocket with the Sanctifly App when you can book a trip to the Spa close by, take the pain out of the wait and enjoy your flight even if it is a little late to your destination. The alternative is sitting slumped in those uncomfortable airport terminal chairs or in the bar staring at the screens. Santifly App - The Mental Life Saver!!!!

Ross Thompson - Founder of Brand Activations


“….. just tried this out at The Marriott, SFO on my way to Austin – an awesome, seamless experience! Finally, a platform that allows me to integrate my exercise needs with my travel schedule”

Paul Burfield - SVP West & Southern United States, Enterprise Ireland


Quando viaggio per lavoro a volte mi e' difficile mantenermi in forma. Usando Sanctifly ho modo di utilizzare la palestra, piscina o semplicemente prenotare un massaggio rivitalizzante.

E' semplicissimo trovare l'albergo attraverso la Sanctifly app e ha cambiato il mio modo di viaggiare.

Andrea Splendori - Owner/Director Nandi Enterprises

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