Everything you need for travel wellness in one app.

Sanctifly members get access to the thousands of location options, travel wellness content and airport hacks to help improve their travel routine. We gather everything that is good for you within 5 miles of any international airport in our mobile app. Practice travel wellness wherever you are by downloading the app today.


How does it work?

Open your app, select the airport and your travel dates. Choose your preferred activity and browse through the location options. Photos and in-depth details on each location option are available so you can choose the best one for you. Choose your location and receive a unique access code. Simply show your access code at the location and enjoy. Check out this video to see the Sanctifly app in action.


How much does it cost?

Sanctifly is a membership service. From just $99 a year you can get access to hundreds of healthy options to help improve your travel routine. Membership gets you access to thousands of lounges, gyms, pools, spas and other wellness facilities. No matter where you are or what your routine is, Sanctifly has an option for you.

Once a member over 40% of our content is free to use, with new travel tips, airport hacks and free activities being added all the time. All paid location options are the same incredible price of only $25. Members can easily purchase additional passes in the app.

Choose the perfect option for you.


Let’s change business travel

Sanctifly was made for the corporate traveler. Our mission is to improve the travel habits of frequent corporate travelers by providing a network of healthy alternatives to the airport bar. To get Sanctifly for your employees get in touch today.