Travel well with Sanctifly.

We believe that health and wellness should be part of everyone’s work/life balance and should never be compromised by frequent corporate travel. Our mission is to change bad habits by providing our members with healthier options while travelling.

Sanctifly members get exclusive access to lounge, gym, pool and spa facilities at over 130 international airports. No matter where you are, Sanctifly has a wellness option for you.

Start changing your travel habits today with Sanctifly. Download the app today to explore our wellness locations.


All Sanctifly members get access to:

Gym and pool facilities

For airports with no hotel facilities, members get access to 1000s specialist gym and pool facilities, all within 5 miles of the airport.

Airport Tips

Get all the best airport tips and tricks to with exclusive curated guides to all the wellness options available at any airport.

Airport gyms, pools & spas

Get exclusive access to airport hotel gym, pool and spa facilities at over 130 international airports without ever having to book a room. 

Airport Lounges

Sanctifly features over 250 executive airport lounges at our featured partner locations. All lounges have shower facilities for members to freshen up before or after their flight.

Jet Lag Solution

Stop battling time zones and start enjoying travel with Timeshifter’s jet lag solution app.

Travel Wellness Content

Get access to a full library of travel wellness videos to get you feeling healthy while on the road. From stretching videos to mini workouts, the Sanctifly app has everything members need to travel well.

Planet Fitness Membership

Travel Wellness Agent

Get a travel wellness plan from our travel wellness agent, Sara Quiriconi. Designed specifically for your trip Sara will provide you with guidance, tips and so much more to health you stay healthy while traveling.

Sanctifly members are welcome at over 2500 locations globally

Some of our location partners include