Quick and easy travel friendly exercise routine. No equipment needed!

Make your airport downtime work for you with this easy to follow, no equipment needed workout routine. Take ten minutes while waiting for your flight to work out and stay healthy.

It doesn’t matter if you are an avid gym user or more casual about fitness, getting up and moving your body requires effort. A huge component in maintaining a consistent fitness habit is routine. We schedule in gym time or a walk or a swim into our week and because it’s on the calendar it is much easier to go do it. Traveling throws that whole system out of sync. When we travel we are plucked from our regular routine and thrown out of our comfort zone. Even for seasoned travelers, a new airport or an unfamiliar flight time is a whole new learning experience. And what happens when we are unfamiliar with our surroundings? All the effort that was used last week to head to the gym for a workout is spent navigating a new airport or trying to stay awake and alert to catch that late-night flight. And, as a result, we often take the easy option when it comes to our airport downtime. We sit by our gate or we go to the bar and we convince ourselves that it’s OK because we are at the airport.

No more excuses!

We deserve better! Air travel and airports still have a long way to go before they wake up to the health and well-being needs of their travelers. Next time you are at the airport, take a look around. How many unhealthy options can you see?

Don’t wait for change. Make changes for yourself.

Airports are slowly making changes with many bigger and busier airports introducing health and fitness options such as yoga rooms and spas post-security. But until it becomes the norm we need to take matters into our own hands. Here is an easy to follow, no equipment needed (and very little space!) workout routine that you can follow to help make the most of your airport downtime. No need for fancy equipment, all you need is ten minutes and your own body weight!

1. 60 secs. Squat, plank and two pushups. Modify the pushup with your knees down.

2. 30 secs. Mountain climbers. Modify to your own pace. Don’t overwork yourself, aim to complete the full work out!

3. 30 secs. Plank shoulder taps. Modify with your knees down for a less intense workout.

4. 30 secs. Alternating lunge twists.

REST. YAY! You’re halfway there! Here is a top tip for working out at airports. Unused gates are often the best source of space post security. If you are willing to walk, head for one that’s far from the shops and restaurants as these tend to be deserted.

5. 60 secs. Squat, sidestep and two pushups. Modify the pushup with your knees down.

6. 30 secs. Plank to side plank twists. Modify with your knees down.

7. 60 secs. Squat jumps. Modify to your pace.

8. 30 secs x2. Forearm side plank pulls, right arm then left arm.

9. 20 secs. Forearm plank hold.

10. 30 secs. Alternating leg cross crunch. Modify by placing your forearms on the ground.

11. 30 secs x2. Single leg lifts, alternating left and right.

12. Seated spinal twists. Finish your workout with a good stretch.

Here’s another top tip for staying healthy while traveling! Get out of the airport! If you have a long layover use the time to get out of the airport and get active in nature. Research the closest running or walking trail or park and spend your time outside rather than stuck in the airport. Just make sure you leave more than enough time to get back to the airport and through security.

Want to see how these exercises are done? Follow along with Sara Quiriconi, travel wellness expert at Sanctifly as she demonstrates this easy ten-minute workout routine. Here.

Change your travel habits today.

Traveling doesn’t have to mean being sedentary. If we change the way we view airport downtime we can improve our habits for the better and make frequent travel less of a burden on our bodies and minds.

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