Location Partner frequently asked questions

The following is a short  list of questions we get asked by potential location partners (e.g. hotels and gyms). We hope you find it helpful in making your decision to allow Sanctifly members to come to you. 


If there is any query still unanswered, please call or email us and we will try and give you an answer straight away. As it is a new concept, we are striving to improve all the time. We listen to our partners when they tell us what would make things easier or better for our relationship, so please do share.

What type of company is Sanctifly?
We are a Public Limited Company, registered in Ireland. We operate as an international members club providing access to hotel and specialist leisure and fitness facilities internationally.

Who are your members?
All our members are corporate business travelers (we do not have any consumer members, only enterprise). We work directly with the HR and staff well-being contacts in large organizations to provide this healthy alternative for their travelling executive resources. Members are typically middle to senior management, 25-45 years of age, physically fit and taking 6 or more long haul flights a year.

Exactly how does it  work?
For the best illustration, please watch the video on the website here. Once a booking is confirmed we send an email to an agreed email address with the exact details of the booking: name, access code, date and time of arrival, preferred facility to use. No action is required by you. If there is a problem (e.g. pool is closed), you may cancel the booking by emailing us immediately. When the member arrives at your location they will present their copy of the booking confirmation and their ID. You then proceed to grant them access as a normal guest.

What information does Sanctifly have on each member?
We know how important it is to you to know who is in your facility at all times. For each member we know their name, address and full contact details. We also have them linked to their corporate sponsor. Members expect that they will need to provide you with proof of ID and, if required, complete an additional waiver health check form with you on arrival.

Do your members agree to a terms of membership?
Yes. This is available on our website at www.sanctifly.club/terms. Terms include fair usage and physical ability, limitation of liability for both Sanctifly and our location partners.

What about insurance?
We have Public Liability Insurance for all our members ($18 million) to use our Location Partner facilities. This is not an indemnity, but it does mean we are covered in the event of a claim for personal injury damages by one of our members whilst at your facility. Members cannot claim, from either of us, loss of earning or any disruption in the fulfilment or failure to fulfil our offer. Full details of our partner agreement are available at www.sanctifly.club/terms.

How many visits can we expect?
20-100 visits per month from quarter two in 2017.

Can we restrict/limit the volume of visits per day?
Yes, on your registration form you can set a maximum number of visits per day. You can also set an exclusion period if the facility was particularly busy during a set number of hours in the day. This can be adjusted at any time in the future by contacting our 24/7 partner support line.

Is there any cost to become a location partner?
No, none at all.

What if we change our mind; what is the length of contract or notice to terminate?
Excluding a material breach of contract by either of us, our agreement requires 60 days notice by either party to terminate. This gives Sanctifly enough time to complete any passes already sold to use your location and for us to find a suitable alternative for our members.

How many partner locations does Sanctifly have at each airport?
We aim to have a choice of three locations at each airport, ranging in type from a spa, to a workout gym, to a basic fitness room which is very close to the airport. We don’t look for any more than three as we want to concentrate on making the relationship work with just a few partners, sending them as much business as they can handle.

How much do I (the location partner) get paid for each visit?
Sanctifly charges a fixed charge ‘pass’ to members based on the quality rating of the facilities. This pass value should reflect the market value of access to the facility. Passes are in US dollars ($15, $20 and $30). We pay the location partner approx. 66% of the sale price so $10, $13 and $20 respectively. We work with you to agree the rating and price for your facility.
Each pass gives the member 2-3 hours access to the available facility (e.g. gym, pool or free area spa).

How does the location partner get paid?
We pay you by Bill back payment at the end of each month. Sanctifly will send you a volume of passes issued to your facility, you raise an invoice for that amount and we pay before the end of that  month. See Partner terms for full details.
No proof of use required (we pay on all requested pass codes).

What does Sanctifly need from me to get started?
Here is a simple check list of what we need:
o    A complete inventory of your gym equipment (including the brand)
o    Pool size, treatment, lane swimming option
o    Original hi res photos (as many as you have, ideally 8-10)
o    Copy of standard hotel terms and conditions of use (including disclaimers)
o    Second contact details email and direct phone
o    Email address for notification of passes sold and members to be expected
o    Time table collection point for any shuttle bus service or public transport links
o    Accounts contact details (so we can pay you)

Can we up-sell to Sanctifly members while they are here?
Absolutely! In fact we’ll help. We give you two options for us to send a member an email with an offer/voucher/discount to be used at your restaurant, café, bar, spa or even to book a room on a future visit.  If they end up eating, staying, or conferencing with you, great! That is all you, commission free. All we need from you is a PDF or text of the proposed offer that we can place in an email.

Is there anything else that is important for us to have available?
Yes. Members will need a changing room. Now, a limited number of partners offer access to a day room and we build this in to the price. Also, towels must be provided, either included or for hire, whatever is your normal practice.
Also, think about left luggage. If a member brings their checked baggage with them, is there a room/locker area where this can be kept during their visit.