Please print this page and tack near front desk to keep it close to hand for your customer facing team.



The hotel/gym is a location partner with Sanctifly.

Sanctifly is a Membership Club for business travelers that gives them access to gyms, pools and spas close to airports.

There is a 24/7 support line. If you have any questions please contact us directly at 00353 1 44 333 71 or 001 315 6 333 700.

For a list of frequently asked questions go to

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The member will show you their booking confirmation on their phone, tablet or paper.

• Verify the date is today
• See proof of ID or Sanctifly membership card to match to member’s name
• Confirm there is a sufficient number of passes, particularly if the member is bringing a guest.

The hotel/gym is paid directly by Sanctifly on
the issue of the code, no proof of use is required.
Please treat them the same as any other guest.
If accessing the fitness facilities requires a room key, then issue a room key not linked to a room