The Importance of Small Wins for Start Ups

The Importance of Small Wins for Start Ups

Big news and we are absolutely delighted to share it with you all! Last week we won the prestigious ‘Travel Company Of The Year’ from Think Global Awards. We were in great company (quick shoutout to GetYourGuide and TripAdvisor) and it was such an honour to be recognised on such a global platform alongside such global companies.

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But as much as we love receiving awards (and we do!), it got us thinking about the importance of small wins. Three quick thoughts that we would love to share with you all

Why Winning Matters to Startups

In the corporate world you have ladders and titles and promotions and certification and many wonderful ways to recognise you are growing and learning. In the startup world on the other hand, validation can be hard to receive as the journey can be quite lonely and products/services can always be so many times better. Which is why we are so grateful for Think Global Awards who could see our potential and loved what we had to offer.

The last few months we have been very privileged to be shortlisted along the way too:

  1. SXSW Start Up Pitch
  2. Game of Thornes
  3. Mega Event (Lions Den)
  4. World Start Up

The Non-Award Wins That Are Crucial to Startups

Awards are lovely milestones for publicly recognised accomplishments. BUT for any founder reading this, you will resonate with the fact that most of what is done goes unnoticed but is absolutely crucial. We remember the day we launched our website. Small win. We remember the day we launched our social media channels. Small wins. We remember dealing with the many bugs in our mobile app. Small wins. We remember writing our first partnership document with a major global brand. Small win. We remember the first person who commented on a blog. Small win. We remember .... For every founder, every thinker, and every dreamer reading this – remember the importance of the everyday small wins because that’s how you make the big wins.

The Reason We Need to Shout About it (and why you should do too!)

This isn't just about us, it's about you too. We wouldn't have achieved this milestone without your support along the way. You see that we are determined to grow and we absolutely are going to build upon this to go to the next level.

This is also a win for the whole team and it's a moment to celebrate and acknowledge each of them too. Successful businesses are a result of successful teams!

We so appreciate the acknowledgement from Think Global Awards and we are excited to honor the award with our service.