What to do on your Phoenix Layover

Smart choices for the healthy traveler

Suggestions for a PHX layover

1       HOUR

We are creating a series of “things to do” at each airport.  This is to help you use your layover as wisely as possible.  We can’t always help that we are held up at an airport but if we can take advantage of the time we have there, then we hope you find the following suggestions useful:

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1.       ART MUSEUM

Take a break from the surroundings and visit the art museums located within Terminals 2, 3 and 4. They contain art, photos, artefacts and some historical stories of the area. The exhibits change regularly and the art must come from Arizona, and somehow reflect that, or aviation in some way. There are also wall posters telling you where to find the art, a brochures, and a map.


2.       WALKING

Squeeze in some more exercise and follow the the Sky Harbor Fitness Trail located in Terminal 4. It is a two-mile trek throughout the gates and displays images of some of the best sights around the city such as the downtown Phoenix skyline, Camelback Mountain, Piestewa Peak, and the sandstone buttes at Papago Park.

PHX sky harbor fitness trail.jpg

 2-3 HOURS

3.       MUSEUMS

The Pueblo Grande Museum, is located just off the 44th St/Washington stop on the PHX Sky Train, on the southeast corner. The museum is a pre-Columbian archaeological site operated by the City of Phoenix and is important in the history of Hohokam Native Americans.  There is hikes, classes, tours and a lot more going on.  Check the link for opening times and prices for entry.

PHX Pueblo Grande Museum & Archaeological Park.jpg



Papago Park offers some of the most beautiful views in the Phoenix area. Take a break and experience some of the desert atmosphere with easily accessible hiking trails only a light rail ride away from the airport. It features the famous Hole in the Rock, which is an easy climb that allows you to look down across the valley and over the Phoenix Zoo. Only 15 minutes away by taxi.

If you have an extremely long layover, why not escape entirely and visit the Phoenix Zoo? Only 15 minutes away by taxi, and you could be experiencing some of the 3,000 animals and 30 endangered species who call the zoo home.

PHX Phoenix Zoo.jpg

Thanks so much for reading and feel free to send any suggestions you may have to be added to this list.

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