5 Free Yoga Rooms - Things to do at the airport

Travel and wellness activities should go hand in hand. Travel can be stressful and chaotic and having the opportunity to relax and recharge while traveling can be a life saver. Airports and airlines are starting to wake up to this fact and we are seeing more and more wellness focused activities on offer for travelers. Yoga rooms and spaces are popping up in airports all over. Often what started as a pop up has become a permanent fixture due to popular demand. The trend seems to be more evident in the US however we are sure it will become the norm worldwide in the coming years. So if you are looking for something good to do at the airport and want to get in a good stretch before your flight check out these options for free yoga rooms at airports:


Stretch at O’Hare Airport

One of the busiest airports in the US, and ranked as the sixth busiest airport in the world, Chicago O’Hare saw more that 83 million passengers pass through its terminals in 2018 and that number has been steadily increasing over the past 10 years. With such a high volume of passengers its no wonder the airport is making an effort to offer some relief from the chaos for its travelers. The Yoga Room at Chicago O’Hare is a tranquil space where passengers can relax, stretch and meditate for free while waiting for a flight. Located on the Mezzanine level of the Terminal 3 Rotunda the space is bathed in natural light thanks to a full wall of frosted glass windows. There are exercise mats available for visitors and wall mounted displays that show yoga poses to follow. The screens also show flight information so there is no chance of missing your flight.

Airport: Chicago O’Hare

How do I get there?: Located near the Urban Garden on the Mezzanine Level of Terminal 3.

Opening hours: 06:00am to 10:00pm

Yoga Rooms at San Francisco Airport

San Francisco Airport is the second busiest airport in California and the 24th busiest airport in the world. SFO saw more than 57 million passengers pass through its doors in 2018. Although it’s a bit quieter than O’Hare, San Francisco Airport is still aware that its passengers need some space for rest and relaxation. SFO was one of the first airports to open a facility such as this and it is a trend that many other airports have followed. There are two yoga rooms at San Francisco Airport, one in Terminal 2 and one in Terminal 3. Both are located past security and passengers require a valid boarding pass in order to access them. The yoga room is calm and serene and is described as a place for yoga, meditation and self-reflection and best of all it’s free to use!

Airport: San Francisco Airport

How do I get there?: Located in terminal 2 past security in boarding area D and in terminal 3 past security in boarding area E

Opening hours: 05:00am to 11:00pm


Yoga / Exercise area at Dallas Fort Worth Airport

Dallas Fort Worth is the fifteenth busiest airport in the world by passenger traffic and the fourth busiest airport by aircraft movements. With six terminals to navigate and over 69 million passengers passing through its doors in 2018 DFW airport can be an overwhelming place. If you are looking for somewhere to exercise or relax DFW has the perfect spot do you. The airport has a yoga/exercise area that is free to use by traveling passengers. It is located past security at Gate D40 in the hallway that connects Terminal B and D. However, this yoga area may not be for you if you are looking for some peace and quiet or privacy. The space is not quite separate from the hustle and bustle of the airport with only a room divider and some greenery blocking it off. But if you pop in your earphones and get in the zone you can definitely find some peace within the chaos. The studios provide guests with complimentary practice mats and other exercise equipment such as exercise balls and stretch bands. There are also displays which show instructional videos that you can follow along with or do your own thing.

Airport: Dallas Fort Worth

How do I get there?: Located at Gate D40 in the hallway connecting Terminal B and D and at Gate E31.

Opening hours: 24hr

Two yoga rooms at Frankfurt Airport

Yoga rooms or spaces at airports it not such a big trend outside of the US unfortunately but Frankfurt Airport is looking to change that. As one of the most wellness focused airports in Europe it’s no surprise that Frankfurt Airport has not one but two yoga rooms for it’s traveling passengers. Ranking at thirteenth busiest airport in the world by passenger traffic this calm and serence space is a welcome treat. You can find one studio in Terminal 2, Area D on Level 3 and the other in Terminal 1, Area C on Level 2. Warm colours and pleasant lighting create a calming atmosphere with complimentary mats, blocks and cushions available to guests and a large mirror so you can see yourself doing the poses.  

Airport: Frankfurt Airport

How do I get there?: Located near Gates C14 and C16 in Terminal 1 and near Gates D1 and D4 in Terminal 2.

Opening hours: 24hr


Relax at Miami International Airport

MIA is a major hub for the Southeastern United States and the main hub for long haul flights in South Florida. In 2018 over 45 million passengers passed through the airport and that makes it the thirteenth busiest airport in the United States and the 40th busiest airport in the world by passenger traffic. Miami International Airport has a free yoga room available to its traveling passengers and uniquely this yoga space is not located past security. That means you do not need to go through security to use the space. The yoga room is located in Terminal H on the first floor and visitors can use the complimentary mats available in the space.

Airport: Miami International Airport

How do I get there?: Located before security in Terminal H on the first floor.

Opening hours: 09:00am to 09:00pm


Another option: London Heathrow

There is a yoga room available at London Heathrow but unfortunately it is not free. The yoga room is offered by the Skyteam Lounge and you can purchase a day pass to the lounge for approx. £30. The lounge has lots of other amenities such as showers and day beds so it could be a great option for anyone with a long layover at Heathrow. Heathrow has another option in Terminal 3, a rest and relaxation room located after security between gate 24 and 25 that is free to use. Although not set up for yoga it is a good spot to relax and meditate while waiting for a flight.

Not all airports have a space for travelers to practice yoga but that doesn’t mean you have to go without! You can always find an empty gate to get some peace and quiet and get in a good stretch. Log into the Sanctifly app to find our stretch and relax or meditation video series. Follow along with travel wellness expert Sara Quiriconi and make healthy choices for your airport downtime. You can find out more about all the benefits you get as a Sanctifly member here.