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What to do on your Montreal Layover

Smart Choices for the Healthy Traveler


We are creating a series of “things to do” at each airport.  This is to help you use your layover as wisely as possible.  We can’t always help that we are held up at an airport but if we can take advantage of the time we have there, then we hope you find the following suggestions useful:

Don’t forget how flexible your membership to the Sanctifly gym, swimming or spa is.  You can use it for an hour or more to suit the time you have available.  You can get single use membership or come onboard for full corporate membership for your business.

1 Hour



From inside the airport you are able to download digital books via the platform Download to your smartphone, tablet or e-reader the first chapter of any books available in five categories: Novel, Youth, Thriller, Essay/Bio, and Guide. Complete instructions for downloading are posted in the airport's rest areas around the international area. After enjoying the preview chapter, you can read the rest either by borrowing the complete e-book from the BAnQ portal or by purchasing it from the site (in print or digital format).


There are art exhibitions throughout the airport. In the international arrivals baggage-claim area there are works by various artists. There are also showcases in the U.S. departures area, illuminated columns in the public areas, and photos in the passenger return and international arrivals corridors. In the passenger return and international arrivals corridors, there is an integrated light installation by Alex Morgenthaler. Throughout the terminal there is a permanent collection, comprising works by Molinari, Pellan, Wesselow, and more. The mission of the Aérogalerie art program is to help support Montréal’s artistic and cultural development.


If you enjoy taking a moment to marvel at the wonders of flight and watch the complicated movements of aircraft traffic, visit Jacques-de-Lesseps Park. It was inaugurated in 2012, and provides aviation enthusiasts with one of the best possible vantage points for observing the runways at Montréal–Trudeau. The park is located facing runways 24-L and 06-R, at the intersection of Halpern Avenue and Jenkins street.

2-3 Hours



If you need a bit of an adrenaline rush, but in safety, check out SkyVenture Montreal. It is the only recirculating indoor free-fall simulator in Canada. Experience the thrill of skydiving from the complete safety of an air tunnel guided by professionals.


As North America's premiere racing simulation centre, Vortex Racing brings the thrill and experience of racing to Montreal, a city immersed every summer in the excitement of the Canadian Grand Prix. There are eight professional-level simulators identical to those used by top Formula 1 teams to train their drivers. From first timers who want to know what it's like to be in a race car, to professional racers who want to practice in the most realistic setting possible, participants can sit in the driver's seat and feel the extraordinary rush of adrenaline unique to the sport.


Stretch your legs and take a nature walk at René-Lévesque Park. It is an urban park located on a jetty between the Saint Lawrence River and the Lachine Canal. It features a sculpture garden with works from Quebec artists, and an arboretum.


If you need even more exotic nature pay a visit to the Refuge faunique Marguerite-D'Youville located on the Île Saint-Bernard. It offers eight kilometers of trails, beautiful natural landscape, local wildlife spotting, and a guided pontoon tour.


If you need to get your blood pumping and want to meet some locals check out Econofitness. They offer group fitness classes and are located only 9 minutes from the airport. They offer classes with titles like Dance Party, Combat, Flex, and Zen Yoga so there is sure to be something for whatever you are in the mood for.

4+ Hours



If you have time for a good work out and aren’t afraid of heights check out Clip ‘n Climb Laval and explore the adventure of rock climbing in a safe environment. There are more than 30 individually themed climbing walls that provide healthy, challenging fun. Automatic belay devices on every wall take in the slack as you climb and then lower you gently down to the ground. Not your average climbing gym, they offer bright, colorful, and unique climbing spaces.


Get out of the airport, stretch your legs, and get some fresh air with a round of golf at Golf Dorval. Be sure to check the schedule as they close during the winter months. There are five levels of difficulty are offered on their public course, and prices vary by season. There is also a practice field if you are interested in working on your swing or blowing off some steam hitting a few balls.

Thanks so much for reading and feel free to send any suggestions you may have to be added to this list.

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