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3 tips to minimize back pain during a flight

3 tips to minimize back pain during a flight

Business travel is a multi million-dollar industry and shows no signs of slowing down. That means there is a pretty good chance you will be heading on a business trip at some stage in your career. Here are 3 tips and items to help improve your posture and reduce back pain when you are on a plane. Whether you plan ahead or want to improve your posture on the fly we have an option for you.

15 healthy snacks that are perfect for traveling

15 healthy snacks that are perfect for traveling

Staying healthy while traveling is all about routine. Sticking to a healthy diet can be a challenge, especially when we are in an unfamiliar place or on an unfamiliar schedule. We’ve put together the 15 best snacks that will help you stay healthy, full and hydrated while traveling.

Breaking Bad, Travel Habits

Burger guy small.jpg

Break your bad travel habits

Okay, lets be fair. When we all started out, our first business flight was exciting! So we had a beer and ate (reputably!) “The World’s Best Burger” at the airport waiting for our flight. We ate and drank again on the plane ("hey! they just put it in my lap!"), but that’s alright isn’t it? Sure! If its once or twice a year, but not every week!

In 2018, we shared the Harvard Business Review report on the data behind business travel health issues that went viral.

Since then, what have you done to improve your travel habits? In the face of so much data stating how bad it is for us, what have you actually changed?

Make yourself one promise right now - to break at least one of your bad travel habits. Try over the next couple of months to deselect at least one of these boxes:

  • I enjoy a drink before every flight home, no matter what the time
  • I always eat the plane food, regardless of time or if I'm hungry
  • I never take 10 minutes to find a quiet spot to stretch out before or after flights
  • I regularly wash and change in the airport toilet rather than book a shower room ( with Sanctifly)
  • I have never even tried to build in a light work out, power walk or swim during my regular travel downtime
  • On layovers or during delays, I just sit and wait rather than using the time to do anytime positive

Try to change just one thing, your body and mind will appreciate it. At Sanctifly we’re here to help you with every step. We’ve got over 2500 options at 130 airports ranging from a 7 minute stretch while in line for your flight to a round of golf! There are lots of free stuff included with every membership; Jetlag plans, exclusive airport hints and tips and our very own exercise and stretch videos to improve your travel wellness - and get you off those burgers and beers😊!

So starting today…what are you going to change on your next trip?

Have a great year and travel well!

Karl Llewellyn Founder, CEO

*Sanctifly is the market leading solution in providing frequent travelers (like you!) with access to wellness options globally. We are heavily focused on airports (130+) with over 2500 locations globally.

Corporate licences with Sanctifly start at only $10.00 per employee p.a. To include travel wellness in your compensation package, please contact us at or visit our website to find out more.*

What to do on you Portland Layover

Smart Choices for the Healthy Traveler


We are creating a series of “things to do” at each airport.  This is to help you use your layover as wisely as possible.  We can’t always help that we are held up at an airport but if we can take advantage of the time we have there, then we hope you find the following suggestions useful:

Don’t forget how flexible your membership to the Sanctifly gym, swimming or spa is.  You can use it for an hour or more to suit the time you have available.  You can get single use membership or come onboard for full corporate membership for your business.

1 Hour



If you’re in need of a trim or a clean up, or just want the relaxing service of a good barber, be sure to visit The Barbers located in the pre-security area. It’s an old-fashioned barbershop with the modern touch of flat screen TVs, a selection of quality barbershop supplies, and the shop’s signature neck and shoulder massage after every haircut.


The Art Program at Portland International Airport provides a portal into the dynamic cultural life of the region. There are nine changing exhibits featuring the work of our region’s finest artists. To learn more about the artwork, visit the PDXArt Blog.


Portland International Airport’s music program works to create a relaxing, pleasing and stress-free environment for travelers through the use of live music. Every day, volunteer musicians perform in the terminal and help enhance the passenger experience through personal interactions with travelers. Local musicians volunteer their time, offering travelers an eclectic mix of live music representing some of the best in local jazz, classical and contemporary styles and approaches. The PDX music performance schedule is published weekly and posted online.


Even if you’re not a bookworm head to Powell’s Books. The legendary Portland bookseller offers a complete line of new and used books as well as gift items. Grab something to keep you occupied on your flight.

2-3 Hours



There is one luggage storage company at PDX, Luggage Storage and Logistics, located just past baggage claim carousel number 10 on the lower level. It’s open daily from 8am-midnight.


As a component of the PDX Art Program, the airport teamed up with the Hollywood Theatre, a nonprofit movie theatre located in Portland’s historic Hollywood District, to create a 17-seat movie theatre. Located on Concourse C, the Hollywood Theatre at PDX is part of the Port’s rotating art program. The theatre entertains travelers with short films telling stories specific to the Pacific Northwest. Drop by to watch films while waiting for a flight. All films are family-friendly; the short films play consecutively on approximately a 1-hour loop. For a current listing of films currently screening, visit the Hollywood Theatre at PDX section of the PDXArt Blog.


Head out of the airport and explore the downtown. The easiest and cheapest way to get into Portland from the airport is via MAX, the city’s light rail system. The Red Line from PDX to downtown takes just under 40 minutes. A one-way adult ticket is $2.50, which is valid for 2.5 hours, or you can buy a day pass for $5. The MAX station is on the lower level at the south end of the baggage claim area.


There is no better way to blow through an an extended layover than by taking an hour to make new friends while solving a puzzle. Escape Rooms are a great activity offered around Portland. Try Labyrinth or 60 Minutes to Escape for a fun yet challenging first escape experience.


Located 7.6 miles an 18 minute drive get your sweat on while leaving erasing your carbon footprint at EcoPower Fitness. Out of town guests may purchase a guest pass for $10 online at any time. As a green gym, many of their cardio machines generate electricity while in use, returning power back to the grid. Those that don't are either people powered or low energy consumption.

4+ Hours



It takes less than an hour to drive from the airport to the world-famous International Rose Test Gardens, clear on the other side of the city. Be sure to check out their recently renovated and much praised Japanese Gardens while you are in the area.


Get away from the airport and take a hike at Portland’s favorite local rock-climbing spot, Rocky Butte. The park-on-a-hill also offers some of the best panoramas of the city- including stunning views of Mount Hood, Mount St. Helens, the Columbia Gorge, and downtown Portland.


Fort Vancouver is only 20 minutes away. It’s a pioneer fort in Vancouver, WA, just across the Columbia River, and Portland’s history essentially begins at Fort Vancouver. It offers the chance to learn about the Wild West days of Oregon Country from within a 200 year-old wooden fort.

Thanks so much for reading and feel free to send any suggestions you may have to be added to this list.

Sanctifly is our number one recommendation at every airport. Become a full member now and enjoy the benefits today!

3 Steps to Better Health

3 Steps to Better Health

“Relaxing for the mind and invigorating for the body.”