Breaking Bad, Travel Habits

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Break your bad travel habits

Okay, lets be fair. When we all started out, our first business flight was exciting! So we had a beer and ate (reputably!) “The World’s Best Burger” at the airport waiting for our flight. We ate and drank again on the plane ("hey! they just put it in my lap!"), but that’s alright isn’t it? Sure! If its once or twice a year, but not every week!

In 2018, we shared the Havard Business Review report on the data behind business travel health issues that went viral.

Since then, what have you done to improve your travel habits? In the face of so much data stating how bad it is for us, what have you actually changed?

Make yourself one promise right now - to break at least one of your bad travel habits. Try over the next couple of months to deselect at least one of these boxes:

I enjoy a drink before every flight home, no matter what the time I always eat the plane food, regardless of time or if I'm hungry I never take 10 minutes to find a quiet spot to stretch out before or after flights I regularly wash and change in the airport toilet rather than book a shower room ( with Sanctifly) I have never even tried to build in a light work out, power walk or swim during my regular travel downtime On layovers or during delays, I just sit and wait rather than using the time to do anytime positive Try to change just one thing, your body and mind will appreciate it. At Sanctifly we’re here to help you with every step. We’ve got great additions for 2019 including Jetlag plans, more airport hints and tips and our very own exercise and stretch videos to improve your travel wellness - and get you off those burgers and beers😊!

So starting today…what are you going to change on your next trip?

Have a great year and travel well!


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